end times prophetic visions and dreams, pentcostal Kirche

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  • being persecuted horribly, you will not want to believe if you read what is going on

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  • 9-1-2011-hollie showed her light watch, its time, she said, but, he hollie next to, stuck head out, laughs, put it under, hollie said, reappeared, showed her light watch, put one hand on arm, had light clothes, they were white, she said, which, put it under, hollie said, did it again, bob, she said, hollie showed, its facebook angel, but, not happy, but was like white Ghost man, bobby, hollie said, its pope, me he said like angel of light, hollie came out, showed, his face kind of not formed well but its light face, hollie told people about church, they responed, well we, she said, they come in time hollie said, hollie showed, its the facebook angel, i'm lost, he said, like, hollie shows, light angel man, but he laughed, hollie, taps, stick, its light stick she showed, but kind of faded herself, its new world order carriage with pope in dark side, hes angel man and hintao on red, hollie showed, angry red and black horses, red horse, showed, its hu hintaos picture, thats hollie riding, its his flying saucer, its red, she said, hollie tapped light stick, its my yearbook ministry of dreams, like, its, same angel man that appeared earlier, hollie showed, its, dumpster, she ate, got food out, its, she showed, bobby be careful, its putin on top of, its carriage, reins in hands, lets rule the world, he said, hollie showed, its many pictures of kings appearing, they all sign deal, hollie said, thats them all at table, theres vincente fox, lula, neither wanting but signing with me medvedev said, lets seal it up hollie said, light clothes on, she said, showed, bobby walk, but reappeared happy, its uh dream, showed, its hollie night vision, then disney girl appears, taps magical wand, light flash, scene, swirling like appears, hey hollie said coming out, hollie showed, picture, it developed, many, its him, she said, he, hollie showed, things funny right now, he hollies on, hill, booing, hollie showed, give you thirty one, its said, angel, many hollies said, but they were hard to see, thats hollie scenes, he hollie and confused looking she hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, bobby said, happy hollie with nice hair, face changing, colors, from, bluish to goldish, she has long pointy nose, hollie showed, hollie came out to explain, Jesus said, its stock market at zero point zero zero, its economic collapse here, hollie said, thats looting, hollie with barack at, its anouncement hollie said, she took him home, thats, hey, hollie said, whats angel doing looting, o bobby its he told me, thats dinosaur lizard like, licking prophet, hollie reappeared, showed, eat, bobby, hollie, showed, eat again, looking afraid, she said, sleep showed, jumpy hollie, brother, hollie said, showed, lay down, but clapped hands, got back up, another, hollie, comes out, points, white hands, she, caught it,