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    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and prophetic scenes and they said: 12-15-16-2010-whew whew, sang, many ministering spirits, santa said hollie, showed, lay down, him, she hollie said, then, picture appeared, its both beasts, you see these two hollie said, they will want to rule the world, partial face hollie showed, lay down, whew, whew, sang, God, and, many hollies, its, santas christmas train, put back said, hollie, santa tore up, showed, its whole new world order, its him, she said, claps, theres pope, hu hintao, hollie said, you see these two, beasts, hollie said, thats putin appearing with three ribs, in his mouth, and, bobby who are these, said, hollie, theres cuba, nicaragua, mexico appearing on ribs, its tripod, said, hollie, thats captain hollies in their waters, its, hollie explained, akula class, thats what you want, needed, she said, they aim, fire, thats nuclear explosions, its near that, said, hollie, thats gulf of mexico, states, thats missiles leaving america, striking, its nicaragua burning, nuclear fires in venezuela and brazil, hey i'll place it said, hollie, nuclear fires along mexican and latin american borders, thats one missile going toward, it hit, said, hollie, moscow, exploded, then both american coasts burn, thats, hollie being raised out of the destruction, theres smoke hollie said, thats moon happy, but, he transformed, its tear up, said, hollie, smoke gets in moons face, thats four british vanguard class subs, all with, captain hollie, great britain exploded, hey said, hollie, thats nuclear fire in australia, theres, one italy, thats three in france, theres all captain hollies in submarines, hollie watches, let me observe, she said, as missile leaves italy, thats many striking russia, burned, hollie claps, its on the day of the Lord, thats, hollie like uh bear,